B Fee: Ten Hag established the rules as soon as he came, and Ronaldo, Sancho and Rashford were all punished

February 23 News B Fei said in an interview that Ten Hag
As soon as Grid came, he made demands on the players, either do what he said or leave.
Ronaldo, Sancho and Rashford were all punished accordingly.

B Fei recalled that when Ten Hag came to the team, they participated in pre-season preparations.
During the training session, Ten Hag said: “Do it or go, don’t play the game. At first, everyone wondered: “Is he really going to do it?
If a star doesn’t do what he asks, will he drop the player?
“Then he did that with Ronaldo, Sancho and Rashford.”

“Rashford may have been in good form against Wolves, but the manager didn’t play him because he did something wrong. At first, we all thought he was our leader and we needed him. One time I
Sitting with De Gea, I said: ‘It should be done.’ Because if you don’t do it, young players think: ‘If he doesn’t treat those people like this, he won’t treat me like this.’ Ten Hag
It’s asking Rashford to be consistent in a lot of things, not just on the pitch and scoring goals, but also off the pitch.”

B Fei added: “Rashford was very eager for the opportunity to play at the beginning, but he didn’t make a mistake. He accepted it, played, scored and helped the team win. In the end he and the manager were very happy.
Sometimes you need to set some rules, otherwise the players will rebel against you and become the owner of the place.”