Bailey’s daughter promised that he would spend Christmas in the hospital, which said things were getting better.

Bailey’s daughter, Kelly Nascimento (Kely Nascimento), said on Instagram that the support of the fans was a “great comfort” to him.
The latest news from medical staff at Albert Einstein Hospital said: “Edson Arantes-do-Nascimento was admitted to the hospital on November 29th and received re-evaluation of colon cancer chemotherapy and respiratory infection treatment. His tumor disease has progressed and care related to kidney and heart dysfunction needs to be strengthened.”
“the patient is still hospitalized in a general ward and receives necessary care from the medical team.”
Kelly wrote: “your love for him, your stories and your prayers are great comfort because we know we are not alone.” Let’s turn this room into Sambard Rome (joking), and even let’s make capillini (no joke!).
“We wish everyone who celebrates Christmas happy and happy, some fighting 🤷🏽‍♀️ and tons of love and health!
We love you, and we will give you the latest news next week. ”