Ball News: Enzo has appeared in Benfica’s training center, he will be punished

January 3 According to Portuguese media reports, Enzo has left the club without permission.
Returning to Portugal in the morning local time, he will be punished by the club.

Midfielder Enzo Fernandez, who missed two training sessions yesterday, has appeared at Benfica’s Cesar training base. The ball newspaper reporter took pictures of the player arriving at the training center.

Benfica previously issued an ultimatum to the player, asking him to show up this morning local time.
Eventually Enzo arrived, but he traveled to Argentina for New Years without authorization from the club and missed the game, for which he will be disciplined.

The Chelsea hopeful will now speak to Rui Costa and coach Roger Schmidt, but he should know that Chelsea can only get him after paying the 120 million euro release clause and now he can only wait.