Barcelona won 17 of the 26 La Liga half-time championships. In the past 10 years, the half-time championships have been reversed 3 times

January 30th, in the 19th round of La Liga, Real Madrid drew 0-0 with Real Madrid at home
Society, in the standings, the Los Blancos are 5 points behind the top Barcelona, so Barcelona has secured the La Liga half-time championship.
According to the statistics of “World Sports Daily”, Barcelona has won the La Liga half-time championship 26 times in history, of which 17 times finally won the championship.
In addition, in the half-time championships in the past 10 seasons, there have been 3 reversals.

The following is the comparison between the half-time champions and final champions in the past 10 seasons listed by “World Sports”:

2012/2013 Season Barcelona-Barcelona

2013/2014 season Barcelona-Atletico Madrid

2014/2015 season Real Madrid-Barcelona

2015/2016 Season Barcelona-Barcelona

2016/2017 season Real Madrid – Real Madrid

2017/2018 Season Barcelona-Barcelona

2018/2019 Season Barcelona-Barcelona

2019/2020 Season Barcelona-Real Madrid

2020/2021 season Atlético de Madrid – Atlético de Madrid

2021/2022 season Real Madrid – Real Madrid

2022/2023 Season Barcelona-???

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