Barcelona’s new and old double stars, German transfer Legavi amp Pedri and Harvey amp Xiaobai’s data for the first two seasons

January 17th in the Spanish Super Cup final, Barcelona’s two midfielders
Rising stars Garvey and Pedri played well and both scored goals.
Dezhuan also listed the data of the first two seasons of cooperation between the two in Barcelona, and made a comparison with the data of the previous two seasons of cooperation with their predecessors Harvey and Iniesta. The specific data are as follows:

Pedri (20 years old)

45 games

9 goals

1 assist

Garvey (18 years old)

71 games

3 goals

11 assists

Harvey (24 years old)

93 games

8 goals

23 assists

Iniesta (20 years old)

26 games

2 goals

5 assists

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