Bayern can’t afford to buy Gwadior for 90 million; Na Shuai needs to solve the players’ emotional problems.

According to the latest report by Tobias Altsch ä ffl and Christian Falk, deputy editor of German newspaper Bild, they wrote a long column entitled “Die f ü nf gro é en Bayern-Probleme!”
[gossip board] figure: Bayern executives are worried about Kimishi’s statement of self-doubt
In the second part of the column, of course, it is the question of Bayern captain Kimishi. Kimishi’s remarks and statements, coupled with the team’s various inexplicable injuries, the Bayern executives headed by Sally are really worried.
In addition, Salihamidzic contacted defence ace Lucas Hern á ndez immediately after being injured in France’s first game against Australia.
Lucas has done well this season and is Bayern’s best and most stable defender. His torn cruciate ligament has dealt a heavy blow to Bayern, especially since he has a long history of injury while in Munich.
He suffered a number of injuries due to torn medial ankle ligaments and meniscus. Bayern want to extend the contract that expires in 2024 in advance, but it is conceivable that Bayern want more economic protection as a team and club. I hope that part of the salary in the contract will be linked to Lucas’s attendance.
In addition, another Bayern star, Manet, may be absent until mid-February due to a fibula injury.
The serious injury of Lucas has made Pawar more concerned because Bayern will not buy players in defence. The figure can reveal that although Bayern and the Croatian international, RB Leipzig centre-back Gwadior have been linked again recently, Bayern really have no money. RB Leipzig’s asking price for Gwadior is around 90 million euros, which Bayern cannot afford.
But now Pawar is at the most difficult stage of his career. In the World Cup, the Frenchman was abandoned by national team coach Didier Deschamps (54) after the first game.
The reason is that he was instructed not to cross the center line in this game. Pawar pushed forward twice in defiance of instructions, just like his experience at Bayern. After that, the full-back did not play for a minute. Now, however, Bayern have to rely on him, whether it is the centre-back he really wants to play or the right-back.
In addition, German national team coach Hans Frick put Kimishi at right-back against Costa Rica, which was not a problem for Nagelsmann. However, Kimishi and other frustrated German international players have left Nagelsmann with huge problems.
It can be revealed that the club’s management hopes the coach, who turned things around in the first half of the season, will show sensitivity and sympathy for the frustrated World Cup stars at the start of the second half of the season. Nagelsmann must show his “employing ability” and “reasonable and emotional” season, hoping that his emotional card will cheer the players up again.
For some players, the mere trip to training camp brings back unpleasant memories: on January 6, a partnership with Qatar Airways will take them to Doha, the humiliating place of the World Cup. Canceling the training camp or moving it to another location has never been considered internally. On the one hand, this is regarded as a psychological surrender, on the other hand, it is a contractual obligation.
Mr Strauss-Kahn traveled to Qatar to watch the 1amp quarterfinals, where his chief executive and marketing director, Andreas Jung, 61, was in charge of negotiating with advertising partners earning about 25 million euros a year. Many members are extremely critical of the sponsorship. On the other hand, it seems more doubtful than ever that Qatar Airways is willing to renew its contract on the same financial terms.
Bayern executives have clearly noted that Germany’s image, including discussions and word-of-mouth in Qatar, has been affected after the “performance” of the German national team at this World Cup.
This winter may be much more “expensive” for Bayern than they originally planned.
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