Bayern executives are extremely angry at Neuer’s irresponsibility; Nubel’s attitude is with him or not.

According to the latest report by Tobias Altsch ä ffl and Christian Falk, deputy editor of German newspaper Bild, they wrote a long column entitled “Die f ü nf gro é en Bayern-Probleme!”
In fact, Bayern goalkeeper Neuer’s injury triggered a series of contradictions + problems, the first to bear the brunt is the legal issue. Because it was impossible to tell whether Neuer was skiing on a regular ski track or secretly skiing on a wild road, how he was paid for the rest of his injury was a very serious problem.
The tricky thing for Bayern: in the past, top stars often included a clause in their contracts to ensure that they would continue to pay their wages during their illness, which usually lasted more than six weeks. In fact, the injuries of Arjen Robben and others have made Bayern have a similar experience, Neuer is likely to have a similar situation, Bayern paid his salary for nothing.
[gossip board] Photo report: due to Bayern contract terms loopholes + insurance VIP, Neuer will get the full salary
Bayern executives were shocked by Neuer’s injury and were angry at Neuer’s irresponsible behavior.
The figure can be revealed: for Bayern, a goalkeeper must help the team in the winter. As a result, Bayern contacted Monaco directly and Nubel has six months left on his loan contract, so the two sides must reach an agreement. Originally, when the summer window had just completed the loan, there was an one-month window in which players could be recalled directly.
Monaco, currently sixth in Ligue 1, face the knockout stage of Bayer Leverkusen in the Europa League, so they also need to discuss Noubel’s potential departure. Within Bayern, they also have other plans.
Nubel faces a dilemma: even if Nubel is recalled, he will have to compete directly with Neuer next summer. And if Bayern choose not to recall Nubel, then it is no longer a clear signal that he has no future in Munich, even if seriously injured, they are waiting for Neuer.
What the picture can reveal is that if this is the outcome, Nubel will not extend his contract until 2025 and will push for a transfer.
Within Bayern Munich, Nubel was rated stronger than the reliable Ermen Ulrich (34) after his recent strong performance. But he must first prove this, otherwise, if the popular Ulrich is directly reduced to three doors, the harmony within the team will be affected.
CEO Oliver Strauss-Kahn’s statement shows that there should be no doubt that Neuer will remain the same after his return. In addition, Nubel also faces problems with goalkeeper coach Tony Tapalovich. The two sides did not have any cooperation and exchanges, which made it impossible for Nubel to reach trust and tacit understanding with him.
Neuer is different, he is Tapalovich’s best man, the two are actually good brothers, he is only willing to cooperate with him. So for Neuer, he is already considering a comeback, he wants to be Bayern and Germany’s No. 1 goalkeeper again, and has decided to finish catching the ball as soon as possible. and learn from Matthaeus’s past example: the former Bavarian star made a comeback faster than expected in 1995 and returned to his original level after a torn Achilles tendon.
Of course, in this column, Neuer’s story is just the beginning, and then Bayern’s internal problems are not his only business.