Beiqing commented on Memi’s departure from the team: It is not easy for Guoan to find a suitable substitute, and the pressure on the club’s signings has increased

January 15, after the Dubai Victory Club in the United Arab Emirates officially announced that Memisevic officially joined
, “Beiqing Sports” published an article, talking about Memi’s departure that the pressure on Guoan’s signings has increased sharply.

Speaking of Memi’s departure, “Beiqing Sports” revealed that Guoan originally hoped to continue to cooperate with this all-rounder in the midfield, but unfortunately the two parties did not reach an agreement on the contract period and salary. Memi finally chose
Go to West Asia to pan for gold in a free way.
After all, with the current economic strength, Guoan cannot compete with the UAE team.
Even a few years ago, if the wealthy West Asian team wanted to sign someone, the competitiveness of the Chinese Super League team might not be too strong, let alone now.

As the most stable and most recognized foreign aid in the Guoan team last season, the departure of the Bosnian made the team have to re-select foreign aid.
It is still extremely challenging to find such a player who is familiar with the Chinese Super League and fits the needs of the team within a short period of time.

Looking back on the performance of last season, although the team has introduced 4 foreign aids, the only one who is really reliable and can be unanimously recognized is the diligent Memisevic, but he is the first Guoan foreign aid to officially leave the team
, This obviously disappointed the outside world. After all, under the current circumstances, it is not easy to find a suitable substitute for him, and the pressure on the relevant departments of the club suddenly increased.