Beiqing: the club should bear the compensation because Jinmen Tiger is unable to meet the sufficient number of players needed in the game.

December 22-due to a large area of illness among the players in the team, Tianjin Jinmen Tiger announced that it would give up participating in the current round of the Chinese Super League with Zhejiang team. According to the Beijing Youth Daily, the reason for Jinmen Tiger’s abandonment is that he is unable to gather enough players to participate in the competition.
This abandonment brings not only the 0-3 defeat to Jinmen Tiger, but also the club’s liability for compensation. The organizers determined that the losses caused by the abandonment of the match by the Jinmen Tiger team to the broadcast of the match, commercial sponsorship, Zhejiang team and Huzhou Division will be borne by the Jinmen Tiger Club. Whether it will be subject to further disciplinary punishment will be examined and decided by the Disciplinary Committee of the Chinese Football Association.
Prior to this, a number of Chinese Super League teams have been affected by the downsizing of the team, including Changchun Yatai, Wuhan Yangtze River and other teams have chosen to use the U21 youth team to participate in the competition, and the Hebei team has recruited 9 U19-age players. However, Tianjin Jinmen Tiger had no choice but to give up the competition because the echelon configuration of the club was not ideal and could not meet the supplementary needs of the first team.
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