Beiqing: the first post-90s international referee was born, marking the younger referee team of the Chinese Football Association.

December 15-according to the Beijing Youth Daily, FIFA recently confirmed the list of male and female international referees in 2023, and Wu Mingfeng from Shandong Football Association became the first post-90s referee of the Chinese Football Association.
According to the report, according to the distribution system of the FIFA referee committee, the Chinese Football Association has seven registered male referees, nine male assistant referees, four female assistant referees and four female assistant referees in the 2023 11-a-side football match. Chinese referees Ma Ning, assistant referees Cao Yi and Shi Xiang, who are involved in the enforcement of the World Cup in Qatar, are still among them.
Compared with the candidates in 2022, Wu Mingfeng, a male assistant referee registered in Shandong Football Association, and Tian Jin, a female referee registered in Wuhan Football Association, were promoted to the “international level” for the first time as newcomers. They replaced Wang Dexin, the former international assistant referee, and Qin Liang (female), the international referee. As a result, Wu Mingfeng became the first post-90s member among the registered international referees of the Chinese Football Association, indicating that the team of high-quality referees of the Chinese Football Association will be further younger.