Beiqing: The women’s football team will warm up with several European teams in Spain next month, and they will be regarded as imaginary opponents for the World Cup

January 18 According to the “Beijing Youth Daily”, the Chinese women’s football team will play in Spain in February.
Bella played 4 warm-up matches with European teams to serve as imaginary enemies for World Cup opponents.

The Chinese women’s football team will regroup in Guangzhou on January 26. According to the plan, the team will conduct more than two weeks of training in Guangzhou and depart for Spain on February 10.
February 13-25 is the FIFA women’s football match window, and teams also use this window to arrange World Cup warm-up matches.

“Beijing Youth Daily” stated that the Chinese women’s football team will play four warm-up matches in Marbella on February 14th, 16th, 19th, and 22nd local time. The opponents are the Swedish women’s football team, the Irish women’s football team and two Spanish women’s football teams.

The China Women’s World Cup is in the same group as Denmark and England. Sweden and Ireland have similar styles and characteristics to these two teams, with both physical and offensive and defensive conversion rates. Therefore, the Chinese women’s football team regards these two opponents as imaginary enemies of Denmark and England.
Considering the rare opportunity to go out for training, the Football Association also fought for two warm-up games with the La Liga team.