Beiqing: U19 Chinese football will go to the United Arab Emirates for training and warm-up around the Spring Festival next year.

December 21-according to Beiqing Sports, in preparation for the U20 Asian Cup final match to be held in Uzbekistan in March next year, U19 Chinese football will assemble in Chongqing on December 26, and then will gather again around the Spring Festival next year and go to the United Arab Emirates for a warm-up.
The report said that after returning to China last month, Antonio and his assistants went to Zhuhai and Zhangzhou to further inspect the players by observing the U19 and U21 tournaments of the first Chinese Youth Competition. U19 Chinese football will sound the assembly number of the new training session in Chongqing on December 26. A total of 31 players will take part in this training, including Mai Wulang and Fan Chao, who have performed well in the U21 league.
After U19 Chinese football training ends this period, there is a good chance that it will gather again around the Lunar New year next year, and then go to the United Arab Emirates for a targeted warm-up with a number of teams of the same age, including the UAE youth team.
According to the results of the draw, the 2003-year-old Chinese U19 team (which will compete with U20 Chinese Football next year) will be in the same group as Saudi Arabia, Japan and Kyrgyzstan in the U20 Asian Cup finals. You can imagine the difficulty of qualifying.