Beiqing: Yankovic stood on the last post for the Asian Games team and was still leading the training in Dubai yesterday

February 28 According to the “Beijing Youth Daily” report, in the new issue of the National Football Team
After the announcement of the training list, the national football coach Jankovic is still present at the training site of the Chinese Men’s Football Asian Games Team in Dubai, UAE.
This is also the last training session for the team before he returns to China to take up his new post. He hopes to stand on the last post of this team.

On the evening of February 27, the Chinese Football Association released the notice of the first training session of the Chinese men’s football team for the new year through official channels, announcing the list of 24 players for the training session.
Out of respect for the men’s Asian Games team and its preparations and affection for the team, Jankovic did not immediately return to China to take up his new post, but helped him familiarize himself with the team after he arrived.
And personnel situation, master the team’s preparations, life and other aspects of matters.

On the morning of February 27 local time, all the generals of the men’s Asian Games team participated in the video analysis class as planned at the resident hotel, and the keynote speaker was still Jankovic.
In the afternoon, the whole team will also go to the field for regular training, and Jankovic will also appear at the training site with the team.
Although, he will leave the team temporarily that night and officially enter the role of national football coach.
But for this team that has been coaching for nearly 4 years, he is reluctant to part, and he hopes to stand on this last post.

According to the plan, the men’s Asian Games team will go to Abu Dhabi on the afternoon of the 28th local time to play the third international warm-up match with the local Jazira club reserve team.
In the case of Yankovic leaving the team, Djurjevic will start to direct the men’s Asian Games team.

Jankovic’s flight arrived in Guangzhou at 10 am on February 28th, . Then he will transfer to Haikou with his assistants, goalkeeper coach Maximovic and fitness coach Pelovic to join the national football team.

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