Bellingham: Kane does everything for England, and people won’t have a negative opinion of him.

December 12-England lost 1-2 to France in the fourth final of the World Cup. Kane missed a penalty in the match and missed the chance to equalize the team.
England defender Walker said in an interview: “I am glad to have been a teammate with Kane since I was 15 years old. His state of mind has been very stable.” I don’t say that because this has happened. Kane has always been like this and has never changed. I bet everyone wants him to score a penalty. Football is like this. there are two sides to win and lose, and don’t forget that Kane has scored a lot of key penalties. ”
“at any time, we need great players to come forward. Kane is such a person, he is a leader. I can assure you that 25 other people in the dressing room and the whole country will support him in such a difficult situation. He will come back because he is such a player. ”
Bellingham: “I think as the leader of the team, he is very important to us both in the face of the media and on the pitch.” I am very grateful to him for helping me integrate into the team, and I am amazed at his performance again and again. He didn’t score a penalty this time, but he’s done enough for this country and I want him to understand that he still has a chance to win the game. ”
“I don’t think people will have a negative opinion of him after everything he has done for this country.”