Bergomi is not a problem for me, Lukaku is not a problem, although he should perform better against Monza

January 9, the legendary Inter Milan captain Bergomi was a guest on Sky Calcio Club TV program, he
Commented on Lukaku’s performance in Inter Milan’s 2-2 Monza away game, and also talked about referees and other topics.

"Is Lukaku a problem? Not for me, although I would like to stress that he should have played better against Monza because it was an ideal environment for him. He wasn’t asked too much, just more.
Handle the ball carefully and keep the team high. I would say he’s not a problem because I liked what he did in the first half against Napoli, he played a good half. But in the final stages against Monza
, he did not perform well."

Regarding referee Sacchi’s mistake, Bergomi said: "This is a mistake that also occurred in Milan-Spezia last season. We need to congratulate Monza, they are a well-trained team with modern players.
…Inter had the best possession, but they didn’t dominate the game."

Finally, Bergomi talked about Shik’s difficult contract renewal: "He is the most used player of Inter Milan, but 50 million euros is an offer that can never be refused for a defender. Inter Milan needs to determine a certain position in the transfer market.
Type of player, there are a lot of players in the market."

(My name is Da Vinci)