Bergomi: Naples can accept a draw against Juventus, they are still the biggest favorites for the championship

January 14 News Recently, Inter Milan star Bergomi accepted an interview with “Turin Sports News”.
Talked about the upcoming Naples game against Juventus in the interview.

He said: “Napoli will take the initiative in the game, although they may have been different from Naples in 2022, they can even accept a draw with Juventus now.”

“On the other hand, Juventus has come from a record of 8 consecutive victories and all zero seals. Allegri is good at finding the identity of the team. Now all this has been engraved in their spirit.”

“Will the team that concedes the fewest goals win the Serie A title? It’s hard to say now, but if you take Milan as an example last season, they never conceded a goal in the last few games.”

“Who will be the key players for Napoli against Juventus? I think there will be few goals, maybe Juventus will score from set pieces, or Napoli will score through teamwork. For me, Napoli are still favorites for the Serie A title.

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