Bidnight: The Gunners hope to find new targets to improve their offensive ability, and the winter window intends to introduce Rafinha

January 15, Arsenal’s transfer target Mudrick was intercepted by Chelsea at the last moment
According to the “Evening Standard” report, Arsenal, which has been deprived of love, has begun to look for new targets to improve the team’s offensive ability. Both Arsenal and Chelsea intend to sign Barcelona winger Rafinha in this winter window.
Na hopes to continue to pay close attention to Rafinha’s situation through the good relationship between sports director Edu and Rafinha’s agent Deco.

Gunners coach Arteta is eager to introduce another striker for the team, which can help him compete for the Premier League championship. After Gunners striker Gabriel Jesus suffered a knee injury in early December last year, Arteta became more firm in his decision to sign.
Arsenal are currently five points ahead of Manchester City in the Premier League standings with a game in hand.