Bild: In a difficult situation, Luca Pellegrini may end his loan in Frankfurt early

January 4, the German media "Bild" stated that due to the difficult situation in Frankfurt, Luca
– Pellegrini is likely to end his loan early and return to Juventus.

According to reports, the future of Luca Pellegrini is a hot topic in Frankfurt, and the current situation seems to be that his loan contract is likely to be terminated early.
The Italian left-back has had a rough time in Germany so far, completely unable to perform at a high-intensity level.

If this situation cannot be improved significantly in the short term, then Pellegrini will have to leave Frankfurt: the winter training camp in Dubai will be his last chance to convince coach Grassner to trust him.

For Pellegrini, the ideal situation is for the club to introduce another central defender, so that Jakic can return to the position of defensive midfielder, instead of supporting the team’s three central defenders as he did in the first half of the season.
Defensive line, this is not the case that coach Glassner wants to be a fixed configuration.

Since joining on loan last summer, the 23-year-old Pellegrini has played 14 times for Frankfurt, totaling 769 minutes.

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