Bild: Leipzig will rent before buying and offer Zaniolo, with a mandatory buyout fee of 27 million euros

January 31 According to a report from “Bild”, Leipzig will rent before buying
Offer Zaniolo with a mandatory buyout fee of 27 million euros.

Zaniolo has been suspended internally by Roma. According to the “Bild” report, due to Olmo’s injury, Leipzig has asked Rome for information about Zaniolo.

Leipzig is of course considered a top club, which fully meets Zaniolo’s requirements for his next home.
Leipzig’s offer will be a loan offer, the mandatory buyout fee is about 27 million euros, and Zaniolo is provided with 2.5 million euros bonuses. This figure is similar to the player’s income in Rome and has not been improved.
Leipzig’s offer is not as good as Bournemouth’s offer in terms of transfer fees or salaries for players.

Leeds United have also offered Zaniolo a rent-and-buy offer. Although the buyout clause is optional, it can be turned into mandatory in some easy-to-reach situations, but Roma only wants a deal from the very beginning.
Loan offer with mandatory buyout clause.

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