Bild News: Flick intends to recruit new players in March, to bring you some surprises

January 28, according to “Bild” report, German coach Flick plans to recruit new players in March
Recruit some newcomers in the game.

The German team will have two warm-up matches against Peru and Belgium at home in March.
According to the “Bild” report, the German coach Flick’s goal is to use some newcomers in these two games.
The German media stated that Flick and his coaching team are secretly inspecting the performance of the players on the spot recently. They want to bring some surprises to everyone when they announce the national team lineup.

In this regard, Flick said: “For us, it is important to try something new. We will make bold, surprising decisions, we are really looking forward to the game, everyone is eager to start again.”

(von Mario)