Bild News: Leipzig will hold a farewell ceremony for Rangnick next week, due to the limit of only 5 minutes at most

February 15 News According to the “Bild” report, next Thursday morning Champions League 1/2
Before the 8 finals against Manchester City at home, Leipzig will hold a farewell ceremony for the club’s meritorious service Rangnick.
However, due to the restrictions of UEFA’s relevant regulations, the ceremony is only 5 minutes at most.

As the organizer of the UEFA Champions League, UEFA has its own relevant regulations.
Therefore, Rangnick’s farewell ceremony will not appear in the spotlight and can only be held on the sidelines.
As the Austrian national team coach, Rangnick has sold his apartment in Leipzig and moved to near Salzburg.

It is worth mentioning that Rangnick’s son Kevin is now working as a senior scout in Leipzig.
Like his father, the 31-year-old Kevin has gained a certain reputation in the industry.

Under the guidance of Rangnick, Leipzig broke into the Champions League from the fifth tier league in just 5 years, and he made great contributions to Leipzig.

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