Bild News: Nashuai and Neuer have had an interview, resolved the dispute and are willing to continue to cooperate

February 10 According to the report of the German media “Bild”, Bayern Munich coach Nag
There was a recent meeting between Ursmann and captain Neuer, and the two sides have ironed out their differences.

“Bild” reported that there was a face-to-face discussion between Neuer and Nagelsmann, and the two sides had a dialogue on some recent events during the meeting.
During the conversation, both parties believed that the differences that had arisen should now be resolved and ironed out, so that further cooperation can really take place in a professional manner.
Bild did not disclose further details of the conversation.

Neuer has previously criticized his club management in interviews with Süddeutsche Zeitung and The Athletic, where he publicly expressed his displeasure at the club’s dismissal of goalkeeping coach Tapanovic because he was his personal close friend.
It is rumored that the relationship between Tapanovic and Nagelsmann has always been relatively ordinary.
“I have a feeling my heart has been ripped out,” Neuer, 36, said at the time.

The club management subsequently criticized Neuer’s interview. The chairman of the board of directors Kahn and the sports director Salihamidzic both expressed their disapproval of Neuer’s behavior for the first time. The chairman of the board of supervisors also expressed a similar attitude later.