Blatter: Invantino is squeezing more benefits from football. I’m serving football.

December 22-former FIFA president Sepp Blatter attacked the current FIFA president Invantino, accusing him of loving money too much.
“more and more people are trying to extract more benefits from lemons, such as the fact that there are 48 teams in the World Cup finals, or that the Club World Cup must be seen as a direct competition in the Champions League.”
Blatter has been president of FIFA since 1998, but he retired in early 2015 under the influence of a corruption investigation into the governing body. To this day, he still denies any wrongdoing and once again defends his case in an interview.
The 86-year-old said: “I have never taken any money I did not earn, which is why in all the lawsuits against me, there is no evidence to prove my guilt.” I will continue to say this. ”
The Swiss claims he has “nothing to do with Invantino”, who succeeded Blatter as president of FIFA in 2016. Accuse his compatriots of “communicating with him only through lawyers” after the FIFA transition.
Mr Blatter continues to claim that he did everything he could to “control the business” during his tenure. He cited, for example, that the government was trying to cut wages and reduce the flow of young talent from South America and Africa to Europe.
“We failed to protect football from economic and political influence.” “I’ve really been trying to serve football,” he said in an interview. If I do this and damage it, then I am sorry. ”