Borussia once again inquired about Omlin, and insisted that Bayern pay 8 million because they were too poor to pay the transfer fee

January 17, according to German media Bild editor-in-chief Christian Falk
According to the latest report, he disclosed all the details of the past 24 hours of negotiations between Bayern and Borussia on Sommer.

—Last weekend, Borussia received an offer of 4 million euros from Bayern.

— On Sunday, Bayern raised their offer to 5 million euros 3 million euros in additional terms.
This offer is still not enough for Borussia, because although they promised Sommer that the offer is in place and they will let him go to Bayern to pursue his dream, the problem is that Borussia is too poor, and they need a fixed transfer fee of 8 million euros to be able to do so.
Signed Swiss goalkeeper Omlin from Ligue 1 side Montpellier.

— On Monday morning, Borussia Borussia managing director Stephen Schips told Bayern CEO Oliver Kahn on the phone: 8 million in full, or leave without talking about Xia Chuang.

— On Monday afternoon, Bayern responded with another offer: 6 million euros plus 2 million bonuses.

— Borussia is still dissatisfied, because all bonuses are based on Bayern winning the Champions League, and have nothing to do with the Bundesliga championship.

—After a whole day of negotiations, Bayern’s Sally and Kahn gritted their teeth, and we will increase the price.

—That night, Bayern contacted Borussia, and the offer was 8 million euros 1 million euros in additional terms (German Celestial Body first broke the news).

— Chips declined at the time because he felt it was too late.

——However, there was another turn, Borussia decided to ask Montpellier and Omlin again after one night to see if they could get the buzzer done.

Why: Gladbach will leave empty-handed at the end of the season, but still need to make an offer for the Montpellier goalkeeper (contract until 2024).

For Borussia, this 9 million is definitely not a small amount, they need to make a decision…