Brazilian media voted for the most handsome player in the World Cup: DePaul was elected, Trapp was the third and Ronaldo was the seventh.

December 21-Brazilian media UOL launched a survey on the hearts of fans of the most handsome players in the World Cup, more than 720000 fans participated in the vote, and finally DePaul won the highest number of votes.
Top 10 votes:
1-de Paolo (Argentina): 6.2%
2-Allison (Brazil): 5.63%
3-Trapp (Germany): 5.35%
4-Bremer (Brazil): 5.11%
5-Giroux (France): 4.95%
6-Neuer (Germany): 4.41%
Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal): 4.09%
8-Caseres (Uruguay): 4.07%
9-Milinkovich-Savage (Serbia): 3.97%
10-Paredes (Argentina): 3.88%