Brazilian prosecutors agree to execute Robinho’s 9-year sentence, the latter is participating in the carnival

February 28 News Brazilian star Robinho once committed a crime while playing for Milan in 2013
gang rape and was sentenced to 9 years in prison by an Italian court.
According to an exclusive report by the Brazilian media Uol, the Brazilian Federal Prosecutor’s Office responded positively to the request of the Italian prosecutor to apply for the execution of Robinho’s sentence in another place.

According to documents obtained exclusively by Uol, Deputy Attorney General Carlos Frederico Santos stated that “there is no obstacle” to Italy’s request to execute Robinho’s sentence in another place, and provided four potential places to serve his sentence in the Sao Paulo region.

“In this case, there are no restrictions on the execution of the three defendants who were born in Brazil, which is why the defendants must be summoned to a designated place,” Santos prosecutors wrote in the communication.

The above is the opinion of the Brazilian Prosecutor’s Office, and this document will be sent to the Supreme Court.

Since the case has been closed in Italy, Robinho has no way to reverse the case, but his defense strategy may be to find a way to prevent the sentence from being served in another place. In fact, according to Uol reports, Robinho’s life has not been affected by the progress of the judicial process.
He is currently participating in the carnival in Guaruja Beach.

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