Bremer: I should have done better when I lost the ball in the second time. Juventus currently has 50 points in theory

March 1st.
-2 beat Derby’s opponent Turin.
After the game, Juventus defender Bremer accepted an interview.

Bremer first said: “We played a good game. The start of the start is a bit bad, but in the end we won the game, this is the most important. Derby is a special game. I can have lost the ball in the second one.
Do it better, but the most important thing is that we won 4-2. ”

Bogba finally returned from Bogba in this game. Bremer said: “Like Bogba, all the players who played for the substitute are very powerful and showed their ability in the game.”

Juventus was deducted by 15 points for financial fraud, but they have now risen to the seventh place in the Seriejia Stock.
The media asked if Juventus had the opportunity to enter the first four to participate in the Champions League next season. Bremer replied: “We are proved that we can win on the court. In theory, we already have 50 points.
Victory. ”

(Su Erhu)