British media: Liverpool may sell Salah this summer in exchange for signing funds

February 12 According to news from British media football insider, Liverpool may sell Egyptian winger Salah this summer.

According to Football insider, Fenway Group operates Liverpool on a self-financed basis, which means that if the big names in the team are not sold, it will be difficult for the club to have huge capital signings.

Liverpool sold Mane last summer and then signed Nunes. In order for Klopp to rebuild the team, Liverpool also need to sell some star players.
There are not many players in the team who have reached 50 million pounds in the transfer market, which may include Salah, Dias, Arnold, Alisson, Nunes and others.

Among them, Salah renewed his contract for 3 years last summer, with a weekly salary of nearly 400,000 pounds. His performance this season is not stable.
The media said that Salah still maintains the ability and speed to fight back and can be exchanged for a high price in the transfer market, so Liverpool may sell him this summer.