Burki: Intuition tells me that Bayern will eventually win the championship. I have this experience every year for 7 years in Dortmund

February 24th Swiss goalkeeper Burki joined the major league team St.Louis last summer
, In an interview with “Ruhr News”, he admitted that the ending in Dortmund was not a good memory for him, and he also talked about this year’s Bundesliga championship.

When talking about the breakup between the two parties last year, Burki said: “I have been in Dortmund for almost 7 years. The players and the people there have a lot of weight in my heart. This is not a happy ending, even if I finally get it.
When you don’t give a performance, you’re worthless very quickly. I’ve got to accept that, even though it’s not easy.”

Nevertheless, Burki said he has no complaints: “When you see where they are now, they must have done a lot of things right. As long as I have time, I will also watch the game, and I am also proud of them.
Glad it’s going so well.”

But the goalkeeper, who has played 233 games in a yellow and black jersey, does not believe that Dortmund can finally win the championship: “But something in me tells me that Bayern will still be at the top in the end. Maybe it is because I have played in the previous seven years.
It’s been like this every season.”

After 21 league rounds this season, Bayern continues to lead the standings, but they have 43 points with second-ranked Dortmund and third-ranked Berlin Union.

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