Busquets social media quoted Shakira’s lyrics and @pique, then deleted

January 9th, according to Colombian media "El Tiempo", Barcelona midfielder Busquets recently posted on social media
Reposted a line of lyrics by the Latin queen Shakira on the Internet, and tweeted about her ex-teammate and Shakira’s ex-boyfriend Pique.
But soon, Busquets deleted the post.

Barcelona previously defeated Atletico Madrid 1-0 in the 16th round of La Liga, continued to lead the standings, and opened a three-point gap with them after the second-ranked Real Madrid lost this round.
Busquets posted a text-only image on his Instagram shortly after the game, the content of which was intriguing.

The content of the text posted by Busquets means: "Congratulations, you are so well disguised. I have no doubts about you. Take your persona." This is Shakira and Puerto Rican male singer Lau Wu – Alex
A line from Rauw Alejandro’s single "Congratulations" (Te felicito) released in April last year.

Busquets seems to be trying to pass the line from Shakira’s song to his friend Pique, adding to the picture: "When Pique tried to sell to Enigma 69
When you are on a motorcycle." The "mystery 69" mentioned here is a mysterious figure in the Kings League (Kings League) organized by Pique, and is the "twelfth person" in the team of YouTube blogger XBuyer. It is reported that
He will appear in the King’s League wearing a mask and fully wrapped.
The media does not know his real identity so far, but only speculates that he may be a professional player. The setting of the mask may refer to the Mexican freestyle wrestling (Lucha) represented by WWE superstar Rey Mysterio.
Libre) genre features.

Ibay Lianas, the Spanish e-sports anchor who organized the King’s League with Pique, also noticed the news of Busquets. He reposted the picture of Busquets on his Twitter and wrote: "Look
Look at what Busquets posted on Instagram, what is this, hahahaha."

(meat-eating rabbit)