C Ronaldo can earn 1.3 billion pounds after retirement, but it is far from the wealth of the richest player in football 13 billion pounds

January 1, according to the "Mirror" report, after Ronaldo retired
Serving as Riyadh’s Victory Ambassador could bring in another £1.3bn, but that’s a far cry from the £13bn worth of football’s richest player.

Cristiano Ronaldo signed a two-and-a-half-year contract with Riyadh Victory, with an annual salary of 173 million pounds. Once he retires, Ronaldo will stay in Riyadh Victory as an ambassador. The contract period is 7 years, with a total income of 1.3 billion pounds.

But this is still far from the net worth of the richest player in football. Faiq Bolkiah is 24 years old and has played for Arsenal, Chelsea, Leicester City and other teams. His wealth is not accumulated on the pitch.
A member of the Brunei royal family, currently worth 13 billion pounds.

Faiq Bolkiah has not played in the Premier League, only played 5 times for Leicester City in the Youth Champions League and contributed 1 assist.
In 21 years, Faiq Bolkiah joined Chonburi FC in the Thai League. So far, he has played 21 times on behalf of the team, contributing 1 goal and 4 assists.
Bolkiah also represented the Brunei national team in 6 appearances and scored 1 goal.

Forbes of the United States once wrote an article to verify that he is the richest player in football.