Calabria refuted rumors of discord in the Milan team: We will never accept such absurd accusations

February 10 News Milan’s performance has fallen sharply recently, and the team has also fallen out of Serie A
The Champions League area of the standings.
There are rumors from the outside world that Milan’s dressing room is no longer united, and there are conflicts within the team.
For such rumors, Milan captain Calabria also posted on social media, refusing rumors and situations of conflicts in the Milan team.

Calabrie wrote on social media, “Winning and losing, like criticism, we know this is a part of the world. We can accept this, we are the first to be unhappy with the status quo and want to change.”

“But what we can’t absolutely accept is the countless lies about the discord within the team that have been with us for a few days, involving people around me and myself, and it has affected us. What I want to say is that we are a team.
Great group and team, we are healthy and made up of all people who love each other, we have great moral values, we respect everyone around us and each other. We continue to focus on our work, with the site leaders
Together, these ridiculous pointings are enough.”

In the early hours of tomorrow morning , Milan will usher in the 22nd round of Serie A against Turin at home.
And next week, they will usher in the first leg of the Champions League knockout match against Tottenham at home.