Cantonese media: China A and China B will probably start at the end of April, and the Hebei and Shenzhen teams are in the most critical situation

February 4 According to a report from “New Express”, China A and China B will probably be held in
Starting at the end of April, the Hebei and Shenzhen teams are in the most critical situation.

Since the first international transfer window (winter window) of Chinese football in 2023 is postponed to February 20 and closed on April 10, the transfer window of each league is based on the start time of the league.
The window will be opened for two months, so as to facilitate the signing work of clubs.
This means that the opening time of the Chinese Super League for the 2023 season will not be earlier than mid-April, and China A and China B will probably not start until the end of April.

Since Wuhan Yangtze River has been disbanded, the clubs in the most critical situation at the moment are the Hebei team and the Shenzhen team.
The Hebei team ranked last in the Chinese Super League last season. It is unknown whether the Hebei team can participate in this year’s Chinese League One without wages for three consecutive years. Public opinion generally believes that the Hebei team will follow in the footsteps of the Wuhan Yangtze River.
The situation of the Shenzhen team is even worse. In addition to the huge debt burden, it was also involved in the Li Tie case. At least 6 people were summoned by the police, including 3 general managers of the club.
It is reported that the Shenzhen team is even prepared for the team to be punished and relegated, but will try its best to avoid the disbandment of the club.
The situation in Guangzhou City is slightly better. Although there are still debts, compared with most clubs in the Chinese Super League, Guangzhou City’s debts are relatively small, but it is not yet clear who will take over.
After the original owner, R&F Group, is unable to continue operating, it depends on whether anyone can persuade GAC and other groups to take over the club.
The Guangzhou team is the first candidate for the Super League. However, under the principle of the Chinese Football Association’s “prefer lack rather than excess”, if teams continue to disband and withdraw or be punished for relegation, the Super League is likely to reduce its size to 16 or even 14 teams.
There is not much hope for the Guangzhou team to make up for “repeat”.

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