Carabao Cup briefing: Manchester United 2-0 Everton Martial shot Cavani to score

Excellent live news: 04:00, December 24th, , English League Cup 1/4
In the final, Manchester United challenged Everton away.
In the first half, the two sides had offense and defense with each other, and both goalkeepers Henderson and Olsen played brilliantly.
In the second half, Cavani scored and Martial sealed the victory.
In the end, Manchester United 2-0 Everton and advanced to the semi-finals.
Key events: In the 88th minute, Manchester United’s first goal!
Martial made a straight pass to the right of the frontcourt, and Cavani cut in to break the deadlock!
Manchester United 1-0 Everton!

At 90 6 minutes, Manchester United’s second goal!
Rashford made a straight pass from the outside, and Martial made a diagonal push to the far corner and succeeded!
Manchester United 2-0 Everton!


Everton v Manchester United Full Video

Everton v Manchester United Full Video

Technical statistics:

Lineup of both sides: Manchester United starting: 26-Henderson, 27-Tress (84’23-Luke-Shaw), 3-Bailey, 5-Maguire, 38-Tuanzebe, 31-Ma
Tich, 34-Van der Beek (67′ 10-Rashford), 18-B Fee, 6-Pogba, 11-Greenwood (67′ 9-Martial), 7-Cavani substitute
: 13-Grant, 24-Fosu-Mensah, 17-Fred, 14-Lingard Everton starting: 33-Olsen, 23-Coleman, 22-Godfrey, 5-base
En, 13-Mina, 16-Dukore (89’14-Tosun), 21-Gomez (58′ 26-Tom Davis), 10-Sigurdson, 17-Iwobi
, 7-Richardlison (56′ 20-Bernard), 9-Lewin Substitutes: 1-Pickford, 2-Kenny, 4-Holgate, 20-Bernard