Carlo Ancelotti: Argentina is gradually adjusting its shape in this World Cup, and they deserve to win the championship.

December 20-in the previous World Cup final, Argentina beat France through a penalty shootout and finally won the championship. Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti updated his Instagram updates, commenting on the final.
Carlo Ancelotti said: “Hello, everyone.” The World Cup ended with an unforgettable final, which proved that football is the best performance in the world. About 70 minutes into the game, when Argentina’s hope of winning the World Cup seemed to be a foregone conclusion, Mbappe stepped forward and dragged the game into overtime and penalty shootouts. From that moment on, every minute of the final became tense and any team could win the championship. I think the performances of both teams were wonderful. After a close match, the champion finally fell into the hands of the Argentines. Congratulations, Argentina.
In my opinion, Scaroni’s team deserves this trophy, especially their performance in the final. We can see that this team can create amazing cooperation with players like Lionel Messi, Julian Alvarez and Di Maria.
This Argentine team has a good collective dedication and attitude, and we must not forget how the Argentine team gradually turned things around and made progress bit by bit at the beginning of the World Cup. The team developed step by step, the confidence also increased, the level also improved, and then reached a full state of mind to enter the final. ”