Carragher argues that the best Premiership coach in 2022 is Eddie Howe of Newcastle.

December 30-Liverpool star Jamie Carragher wrote in the Daily Telegraph that his idea of the best Premiership coach in 2022 is Newcastle coach Eddie Howe, not the favourite coaches such as Guardiola and Arteta.
The following is a comment from Carragher:
Eddie Howe is the manager of the Premier League in 2022. The first stage of the new era for Newcastle United is the victory of the coach, not the result of a massive capital injection.
In the past 12 months, I don’t believe that any other coach can do a better job than Eddie Howe at St James’ Park. Through shrewd trading and greatly improving the performance of existing players, he led a team that ranked second to third from the bottom of the Premier League to the top of the table.
Yes, the new ownership has changed Newcastle’s short-term and long-term landscape. Eddie Howe received support in the transfer window after his appointment, and no club has spent more this year.
But if you look closely at these deals, they have nothing in common with the early profligacy of Chelsea under Roman Abramovich or Manchester City under Mansour. Newcastle have yet to announce their existence to the world by signing a well-known world star.
Last January or summer, no one paid attention to Newcastle, most people thought that Newcastle would challenge the top four in two or three years, not within a few months, and there have been enough examples recently that clubs have invested heavily in new owners, but have fallen back due to poor signings, as evidenced by Everton.
When Eddie Howe’s team was evaluated at the beginning of the season, they seemed ready to move into the middle of the season. But Newcastle’s performance made everyone’s predictions wrong and they made it into the top four at the end of the year.
Eddie Howe is determined to be a successful person, not to lay the foundation for a successor.
His progress is so fast that members of the traditional “Big six” are worried. At the start of each season, Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal all know that they will miss the Champions League. Because of Newcastle, three of them will soon have to adapt to the Europa League.
It is too early to talk about Newcastle winning the Premiership title and they are not ready for it. But impressive victories, such as against Leicester City on Boxing Day, show that they have maintained the momentum of the top four.
Given the resources Newcastle have, they are ready to take it to a new level. It was the level of their coaches, not the amount of money in the bank, that got them there faster than expected.