Carragher: Liverpool must be rebuilt, Klopp is still the right person to lead the team forward

February 10 News This season, Liverpool has fallen into a quagmire, and now they are only in the league
Can temporarily rank 10th, and there is little hope of breaking into the Champions League.
Regarding the situation of Liverpool coach Klopp, club star Carragher expressed his views in the “Daily Telegraph” column.
The following is the full text of Carragher’s column. …

We often speak of a manager with “credit in the bank” and Klopp is the reason Liverpool are worth billions today.
Due to the existence of Klopp, the club was able to accelerate its transformation after the Fenway Sports Group took over.
That’s why I still have unwavering support for Klopp after yet another heavy defeat last weekend.

All of Liverpool’s key signings worked well until last summer, with Salah, Mane, Robertson, Van Dijk and Fabinho suited to a high-intensity style of play that raised the overall level of the team.
In addition, Liverpool’s timing of player renewals is also perfect.
Wage spending has increased to reflect age and player performance after Liverpool re-emerged as regulars in the Champions League.

Over the past 18 months, a few things have changed.
In terms of bringing in and keeping players, Liverpool are investing at the same level as before, but there are more legitimate reasons to doubt the wisdom of some of their decisions.

First, after signing a string of players who made an immediate impact, there were some problems with Liverpool’s signings.
Since last summer, Liverpool spent 180 million pounds to sign four attackers Luis Dias, Fabio Carvalho, Nunez and Gakpo. The club owner has not given up on investment.
They failed to bring in a midfielder and now they really need a midfielder.

Dias has performed well since joining Liverpool, but Nunes needs to improve gradually, and I have not seen Gacpo perform well after joining.
Jacques Po is not the typical player Klopp needs, he does not have lightning speed, nor can he lead the pressing forward.
Why pay £45m for a player on the bench when Dias and Jota are fit?
Especially when the team needs reinforcements in other positions.

Liverpool’s contract extensions for some players have also caused controversy. Everyone was excited when the club signed Salah, but in the summer of 2021, the 31-year-old captain Henderson renewed his contract for 4 years.

It is useless to make a large investment without professional knowledge.
In the summer of 2021, Liverpool only signed Konate, but the team managed to compete for the championship on all four lines and persisted to the end.
Unfortunately, Liverpool now find themselves having to rebuild.

Klopp is definitely the type of man Liverpool need to rebuild, even if things are different now than when he took over in 2015.
Players can come and go, as can sporting directors and club board members.
Liverpool still have their very good manager and it is time to revisit the blueprint he started in 2015.

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