Carragher: Signing Harland will only make Manchester City different, but it cannot guarantee the championship

January 19, Carragher said in the program of Sky Sports that signing
Haaland will only make a difference for City, but not ensure they win the title.

Asked whether Haaland made City better or worse, Carragher said: “I don’t think it’s either; it means they’re different. I said at the start of the season: Sign Haaland.
Rand doesn’t guarantee City will win the league, it just means they will be different as a team.”

“He’s going to score a lot of goals, but how many points Manchester City usually get to win the title, it’s in the 90s. You can’t really get more than that. They have 100-point seasons, but they don’t get more than 100.
points, I don’t care who’s on their team.”