Casereno’s coach Real Madrid played very hard against us and we were in control of the situation

January 4th, the third round of the Copa del Rey, Real Madrid defeated Casereno 1-0 away to advance to the next round
In the post-match press conference, Cacereno coach Julio Cobos praised his team’s performance.

"Real Madrid played very uncomfortable. If we were to evaluate this game, we would be considered the winning side without a single shot. It is a pity that the opponent scored one. Real Madrid played the most uncomfortable game."

"We’ve been thinking about this game, like we did against Girona, only this time we didn’t score and it was a one-man show that decided the game. I’m a little bit annoyed, but anyway, we
Was very close (to progress) and was in control. The players gave everything on the pitch."

Finally, Cobos expressed his gratitude to the 14,000 fans at the scene.
"If we want to see Casereno rise to another level of competition, we must be united and the fan base in the community must grow."

(Qizi cake)