Castrovelli had a nightmare after his goal against Juventus was cancelled, his wife: slap me

February 14 After Castrovilli’s goal against Juventus was cancelled, in
In the dream, he slapped his wife as a referee.

In the 22nd round of Serie A, Fiorentina lost 0-1 away to Juventus.
Fiorentina player Castrovilli scored a goal in the 89th minute, but VAR canceled the goal and Fiorentina failed to get a draw.
Castrovilli was so disappointed that the equal goal was cancelled, he even had nightmares about it.

Castrovelli’s wife Racaelle revealed, “He dreamed that the goal was canceled again at night, and he took me as a referee and slapped me.” However, this incident did not affect the relationship between Castrovelli and his wife.
Feelings, Lacaille smiled when talking about it.

(Su Erhu)