Cefelin: we will redouble our efforts to ensure a healthy and sustainable future for European football

Recently, Uefa President Cefelin made a year-end summary of European football in 2022, saying that 2022 will be another busy year for European football, and the expansion of HatTrick development plans will contribute to the continuous growth of European football. In addition, he said they would redouble their efforts to ensure a healthy and sustainable future for European football.
The following is the full text of Chefelin’s year-end summary:
2022 will be another busy year for Uefa. Together with the European football community, we have been working tirelessly to protect and promote the core values of the sports model, because they are at the core of our game. These core values include open games based on sports performance, financial solidarity between the top and bottom of the football pyramid, and recognition of the broader role of the sport in society.
In 2022, no European event conveys these values better than the Women’s European Cup. This is a vibrant event, a grand festival. The tournament broke the record many times. In addition, the event not only raised the standards of competitiveness, popularity and value of the women’s football team, but also captured the imagination of the host England and other European countries.
According to statistics, the cumulative number of fans watching the game is greater than ever before. 1/6 of the fans travel to England from abroad. Not only that, the event also demonstrated its great ability to promote social change. According to statistics, 48% of the ticket holders are women, and 30% of them are under the age of 30.
We will put the income generated in the top games back into the game, laying the foundation for the development of women’s and men’s football.
At the Congress in Vienna in 2022, we also announced plans to expand the development of HatTrick, which will use the proceeds of the Men’s European Cup to the projects of all our 55 member associations. From 2024 to 2028, HatTrick’s funding is expected to increase by 21%. This growth trend will make our European football industry grow.
This year, Uefa’s diplomatic heart beats at a firm pace. By taking advantage of the extraordinary popularity and influence of football, we have raised awareness of human rights, environmental and social issues. In addition, we have contributed to combating climate change, led campaigns against discrimination, promoted diversity and inclusiveness, and promoted healthy lifestyles for young and old people.
Of course, these achievements would not have been possible without the club and national team games that promote our mission, and they provide an important link between professional football and grass-roots football. Together, these competitions prove the importance of open competition, and the qualification of the competition depends on the sports performance. Everyone, regardless of age or ability, can dream of participating in the highest level of competition.
Finally, I would like to express my personal gratitude to all those who stand with Uefa to defend the European sports model. Your support will continue to inspire us in 2023 as we will redouble our efforts to ensure a healthy and sustainable future for European football.