Chairman of the Argentine Football Association: Scaloni is on vacation, and we will sign the contract as soon as he comes back

January 19 News Argentine Football Association President Tapia accepted an interview and talked about Scaloni
On the issue of Loni’s contract extension, he said: “As soon as Scaloni comes back, we will sign the contract.”

“Scaloni is on vacation, enjoying time with his family. That’s something we’re going to get done and we’ve got to sit down and talk. We’re all people who walk the talk, talk to each other and have some small
The details need to be worked out, and that’s the only thing that hasn’t been done yet.”

“I know that once he comes to Buenos Aires, he will sign a contract. The coaching staff who have brought us so much joy will continue because that’s what we all want and
We’re committed. Scaloni will renew, it’s our wish and the players’ wish.”

“That’s what we all want, the players, the coaches, the FA, the leaders of the executive committee, that’s why I said as soon as he comes, we’ll sit down and sign the contract right away.”

In addition, Tapia also talked about the decision to appoint Scaloni, “After Sampaoli left, we needed a replacement to start a new project. Why did he choose eight players who never participated in the World Cup before the start of the World Cup?
Players who have been to the World Cup? And newcomers to the national team like Enzo Fernandez? This will be a revelation. All players deserve to be called up. We need to think about the next eight or even ten years of the national team.
It’s about a bigger plan.”