Champions League briefing: Barcelona 4-0 Kyiv Braithwaite double hit Durst’s maiden goal

at 4:00 on November 25th, , the 4th place in Group G of the UEFA Champions League in the 2020-21 season In the first round of competition at the Lobanovsky Stadium, Barcelona challenged Dynamo Kyiv away.
Both sides had no achievements in the first half. In the second half, Durst made his first goal, Braithwaite made two shots and one pass, and Griezmann scored from the bench.
In the end, Barcelona beat Dynamo Kyiv 4-0 in an away game. In terms of standings, Barcelona won four consecutive Champions League victories and qualified ahead of schedule with 12 points.

Key events:

In the 51st minute, Pedri slanted the ball, Braithwaite led the ball into the penalty area, Durst pushed in and shot from the far corner and succeeded, Dynamo Kyiv 0-1 Barcelona!

In the 56th minute, Alenia took a corner kick, Mingesa headed the ball, and Braithwaite scored a shovel into the net. Dynamo Kyiv 0-2 Barcelona!

In the 70th minute, Braithwaite made a point and scored twice. Barcelona led 3-0!

In the 92nd minute, Alba knocked back in an inverted triangle from the left, and Griezmann volleyed the goal after stopping the ball. Dynamo Kyiv 0-4 Barcelona!


Barcelona vs Dynamo Kyiv Full H2 Replay

Barcelona vs Dynamo Kyiv Full H2 Replay

Best player of the game: Braithwaite (two shots and one pass)

After the game, Braithwaite scored a game-high 9 points with two shots and one pass. According to statistics, Braithwaite’s away goals in the Champions League exceeded Suarez’s total in the past five years.

Technical statistics:

The list of players:

Barcelona starting lineup: 1-Ter Stegen, 24-Firpo, 28-Mingesa, 15-Langlet (66`18-Alba), 2-Dest, 6-Alenia,
8-Pjanic (65`12-Pujic), 14-Coutinho (66`7-Griezmann), 16-Pedri (73`19-Mateus-Fernandez),
17- Trincon (83`29- De La Fuente), 9- Braithwaite

Substitutes not played: 13- Neto, 26- Iniaki Penha, 11- Ousmane Dembele

Kyiv Dynamo starting: 1-Bush Chang, 94-Kenziola, 25-Zabalni, 20-Karavayev (60`4-Denis Popov), 16-Mikelenko,
7-Verbic, 8-Shepelev (83`6-Belutse), 29-Bayaski, 10-Shaparenko (71`17-Rednev), 19-Garr
Marsh (59`18-Andreevsky), 14-De Pena (71`89-Supriyaha)

Substitutes not played: 51-Morgon, 71-Baiko, 2-Skoko, 3-Bol, 11-Siteshvili, 27-Clayton