Chelsea temporarily changed the loan agreement of Santos, and Palmeiras felt that it was meaningless to talk again

February 24 According to the latest report from Brazil Globe Sports, Palmeiras did not agree to the deal after negotiating with Chelsea.
Can reach an agreement, withdrew the offer to Andre Santos on Thursday.

The 18-year-old has not yet been granted a visa to work in the UK and is expected to be sent out on loan.

According to relevant sources, the British team changed the terms of the agreement at the last minute, causing Palmeiras to opt out of the negotiations.

The initial thought was that Andre would return to Brazil on loan until December this year, with Palmeiras paying a fraction of his salary.

Palmeiras will still have the right to decide whether to feature him at the U20 World Cup in May-June, and Chelsea will also pay for the early termination of the loan should they demand the player’s return in August.

Chelsea did not give Palmeiras any reason other than to say that they can only loan Santos until July this year and must allow him to participate in the U20 World Cup.

Moreover, knowing that there will be a U20 World Cup in May, Chelsea also asked for a four-month loan fee. Palmeiras felt that there was no need to talk about it.