Chengdu Chengdu thanked the fans: tens of thousands of fans poured into the two games, which brought great encouragement to the team.

On December 29, the last round of the Chinese Super League, Chengdu Chengdu home against Dalian people, Chengdu official pre-match article to thank the fans.
Chengdu Chengdu official wrote:
Dear fans,
Chengdu Chengdu team’s journey of the Chinese Super League in 2022 is coming to an end. In the past year, we have gone through many twists and turns and drifted away several times, but we have never given up the concept of “fighting for a better city”. Finally, we have overcome the difficulties and returned to the home court to meet you with good results and style. This is inseparable from the efforts of all coaches and players, as well as the consistent support and company of all fans.
Especially after opening the audience at home, tens of thousands of fans poured into the two games, which brought great encouragement to the team.
As soon as it was notified by the open fans, the club communicated closely with the Chengdu Red Blade fans Association, Sichuan fans Association and other fan organizations to discuss the ticket purchase policy in line with the interests of the association fans, to help the club carry out unified real name certification for the association fans, organize the association fans to purchase tickets, and assist the club to organize the association fans to enter the stadium in an orderly manner. Not only improve the efficiency of buying tickets, but also take the lead in creating a hot atmosphere at the scene, so that the reputation of the “gold ball market” is once again resounding across the country.
Here, the club sincerely thanks Blade, the provincial fan association and other fan organizations for their support to the club and the team, as well as their important contribution in organizing fans to participate in the game. Thanks to all fan organizations and all fans for following and accompanying us over the years.
At 15:00 in the afternoon on December 31st, Chengdu Chengdu team will continue to sit in Fenghuangshan to usher in this year’s last opponent-Dalian team. The ticket purchase channel for the game will be opened soon. Fans and friends are welcome to come to the scene and work with us to create an orderly and passionate grandstand atmosphere. We look forward to seeing the jubilant red heat wave at the scene again!
Let us be of one heart and one mind, applaud Chengdu Chengdu team and contribute to the development and revitalization of Chinese football.