Close-up of C Luo’s birthday: the 37-year-old ignites the 38-year-old dream, and may progress be with you

straighten your body and look to the sky; after sighing, you jump on the spot, sign
Sexual approach, shooting, scoring.
The goal was scored, the audience cheered, the commentary was excited, and the scene was boiling.
The 2-2 score was equalized, and the team saw hope.
Although it is still saving, although it is still redemption, although it is still calm at the last moment, but this time your face has lost a lot of the passion that you always had in the past, and the close-up shots are not very sympathetic, so I will show you how old your face is.
In the eyes of fans all over the world.

On the eve of the approaching age of 38, scoring this iconic goal and completing your first goal to compose the familiar savior drama should have been a day worth celebrating.
But looking at the strange teammates around you, the unfamiliar team, and the unspeakable environment, you still remained silent.
This is in stark contrast to the overwhelming discussions on social media, because most of those voices are “hostile”.
At the age of 37, Ronaldo’s “unfavorable fleeting years” led the public opinion to one side, his grades were slightly worse, his relationship was slightly stiff, and his life and the green field had also come to a turning point; but the ambition was still there, but there were few people around
There are many familiar shadows.
Where is the 38-year-old president headed?
How can hard work in the twilight years of your career lead to your dreams?

38 years old, entering the second half of life

Last year, when the author was writing a special article on the president’s birthday, the key words and ideas in general were still concentrated on the words “tomorrow, hope, champion, and tenacity”.
But time has changed, even your loyal fans and fans for many years have to admit that 2022 is not your time, you have experienced too much in this year.
You, who came to play in the Saudi League, are a little lonely.
Leaving the competition stage of the five major leagues to seek gold, although it is a good choice, but you are so strong that you will not be satisfied with this answer, but you are temporarily helpless in the cruelty of reality, and it is only temporarily difficult to find the direction to continue running.
Just like many people, when they look back again, they suddenly realize that all the hard work in their lives is only for the satisfaction of the people around them.
In order to win the praise and smiles of others, I have to tremblingly fall into the shackles of all patterns.
On the way, I suddenly realized that there was only a vague face and a road that could not be turned back.

After Real Madrid reached its peak, the president has been looking for the key to open the second half of his life, to see which is the right way to open it.
Parted ways, in the time of Juventus, their gold and iron horses and your precious swords were not able to be kneaded together. Although you can still win the shooter king, although you are still fighting in the battlefield, it is helpless to break up;
In the years of returning to Manchester United, everything started so beautifully, but everything ended so ruthlessly.
Since then, the appearance of Old Trafford will no longer be beautiful and longing.
The experience in Qatar made you be hit hard into the abyss, and you also “rarely” experienced failure. What is it like?

However, the emotion of disappointment will never overwhelm the sky, it will only gather together and become more.
From February 5, 2022 to February 5, 2023, during the 37-year-old year, as fans of the president, we should be dissatisfied.
The differences with the Manchester United club did not stop. First, they quarreled with Rangnick, and then they criticized each other with Ten Hag.
That interview, which now seems out of place, brought everything to a close.
I thought that on the stage of the World Cup, the hero’s return could be staged; but in fact, it seems that it is too far away from the dream. Portugal’s elimination and your figure on the bench have become the object of people’s “verbal criticism” and returned in defeat.

Anxiety is a state of mind that one creates and enjoys.
Maybe being in the vortex for too long made Ronaldo a little tired.
Leaving the five major leagues is your choice, which does allow you to temporarily leave this hustle and bustle, but it does not let your stories and discussions be left behind in the tide of the Internet.
You are getting more and more quiet, although you still want to prove it; but you can only endure it until the next success.
As fans who have gone all the way through the era of double pride, we have no other thoughts, but wish you, at the age of 38, more happiness and smiles.
As for the “Return of the King” drama, it can only be a beautiful gift from the Creator, I dare not think too much about it, I am afraid it is an illusion.

37-year-old mourning: World Cup loss

At the age of 37, the World Cup is the focus of Ronaldo’s work; or in the years of struggle after 2018 at the age of 36, 35, 34, and 33, Ronaldo’s spiritual support and motivation lie in
Having won all the individual awards in Continental Europe and set foot on all the pinnacles of the club years, the president knows exactly where his ultimate goal is, and this is also the eternal expectation of the fans for him.
Crowned on the greenery, to the real altar.
Ronaldo is really eager.

The public opinion is full of momentum. Everyone knows that this World Cup is likely to be the last stage performance in the era of double pride, and miracles are likely to be achieved.
Therefore, I really want to see what kind of performance the two can dedicate.
Cristiano Ronaldo has long been “destroyed”, and the dispute with the club has pushed him to a very dangerous extreme: the World Cup has become a double insurance for proving himself (still playing in the giants) and gaining great honor (crowned champion).
Difficulty is visible.

In the first game VS Ghana, the old coach Santos arranged him in the starting list, which undisputedly led to a lot of controversy among the media.
After all, in the past six months, the relationship with the club has gradually reached a freezing point, and Ronaldo’s training and games have been delayed