Collection? Argentine media: Argentina’s central bank is considering issuing Messi commemorative banknotes with a face value of 1000 pesos

December 22-according to the Argentine Financial newspaper, the Argentine Central Bank is considering making Lionel Messi the subject of the country’s currency.
Lionel Messi is currently the most popular man in Argentina, leading Argentina to win the World Cup again after 36 years. Since beating France in Doha on Sunday, he and his teammates have received a warm welcome and the whole of Argentina is in a state of celebration.
Further sources from El Cronista say Messi will be permanently printed on the country’s 1000 peso note, also because the number begins with “10”, Messi’s iconic shirt number for the Biancocelesti, and the back of the note will include other players from the Argentine squad that won the World Cup, which is called La Scaloneta, named after coach Lionel Scaroni.