Comparison of career hat tricks between Ronaldo & Messi: Ronaldo leads in total, Messi is more efficient

February 10th In this round of Saudi United competition, Ronaldo staged a big four,
Help Riyadh win 4-0.

According to statistics, this is the 61st time in Ronaldo’s career that he has scored at least 3 goals, and it is also the 11th time that he has staged a big four.
The data website also compared the number of hat-tricks between Ronaldo and Messi in their careers. The following is the specific situation:

Total career hat-tricks:

Ronaldo 61 (1 per 18.8 games)

Messi 56 (1 every 18 games)

Club career hat-tricks:

Ronaldo 51 (1 per 18.7 games)

Messi 48 (1 every 17.4 games)

League career hat tricks:

Ronaldo 40 (1 per 16.4 games)

Messi 36 (1 every 15.7 games)

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