Conte: The poor record against the “BIG 6” team cannot be reduced to a spiritual problem

January 18 at 4:00 am on January 20, , Premier League
In a make-up match in the seventh round, Tottenham will challenge Manchester City away.
Before the game, Tottenham coach Conte attended the press conference.

latest team news

Team news, as I said after the Arsenal game, Bentancur has trained with the team.
He can play, he has the ability to play against Manchester City.

After Sunday’s game, the fans were disappointed with the club, but there were also some criticisms of you. The team’s performance was mediocre. What do you think of these criticisms?
Is the team in regress?

All I can say is one thing, we work hard every day for this club.
If there is criticism, we need to accept it.
It is difficult to understand these criticisms as we are doing our best in the current circumstances.
We have to accept criticism, but my answer is the same, me and the players did everything we could for the club and for the fans.

Another game against the “BIG 6” team, your record against teams at this level is not very good, why is that?
Is it a spiritual issue?

Hey, you’re always talking about the spiritual aspect, but I don’t think you’re thinking about the other aspects.
I don’t want to explain this situation every release.

We try to make progress, we try to make progress, but you reduce it to a mental issue.
If it’s just that aspect of the problem, I think we can work it out because our spirituality is very strong, believe me, please believe me on this.
However, if you reduce the problem to a mere mental level, then I think this is a poorer insight.

This is just a statement, so what do you think is the reason for your poor record against the “BIG 6” teams?

What I can say, usually when you lose the game, it means the opponent is playing better than you.
It can happen in games like Arsenal where their goalkeeper is the man of the match.

From my point of view, our performance was good, we won against Crystal Palace and we played well.
But you know it’s rare to lose a game, and I don’t like to argue because you lost.

You have built a team that is super fit but it seems like the game usually gets up early and goes deep after that, I see you trying to get players up in the second half to put pressure on, why the sudden intensity
going down?

It also depends on the opponent, we started pressing high in the first half.
Sometimes you have very good opponents and we have to work hard under pressure.
When you press very high, there will be space behind you, if you meet players like Saka, Martinelli, then you need to consider the characteristics of your defenders, you don’t want to take risks.
become too open.

On the differences in interview habits between English and Italian clubs

In England I think there is a bad habit of it being only the manager who talks and explains, I’ve never seen the medical department come here and explain something, likewise I’ve never seen the club or the sporting director
Come here and explain the club’s strategy.

In Italy, before every game, the club send someone to speak to the media, I think it might really be a better thing for us, otherwise there is only one person to explain the situation at the club, and I think there are some things
It is better for others to explain.
It’s a habit and I respect it, but in Italy it’s different.

I mean, if only the coach speaks, then it’s going to be misleading.
I think it might be a good thing for a club to appear in the media, not necessarily once a week, but at least every fortnight or every month.
I think it makes it easier for you (the media) to understand the situation, maybe something looks negative, but it’s not.

Now that Richarlison is an option, can the competition he brings help Sun Xingmin improve?

If we are talking about Son Heung-Min, last season he scored 25 goals.
He hasn’t scored so many goals this season, so it must not be good news for us because we expect him to score goals.
The next thing we want to say is that we are not talking about robots, players are people too.

I’m the first one who wants Son Heung-Min to score a goal, whether it’s under pressure or not, this is football and we need to try to face this situation with the players.
The most important thing I saw in training sessions and games was that Heung-Min Son was giving it his all.