Cristiano Ronaldo says he is as free as a bird. He thinks he can stay in Europe if he plays the World Cup well.

December 02-famous mouth Pierce Morgan, who is also in Doha, was interviewed by the Daily Telegraph.
In fact, foreigners are also good at “cyber digging graves”. One of his tweets was unearthed in June 2015, when he wrote: “the World Cups in Russia and Qatar must be cancelled. Both bids were bogged down by corruption by Blatter and his FIFA cronies. ”
But he insists his attitude is directed entirely at FIFA, not Qatar.
“even so far, I have not seen any evidence of corruption in Qatar, but FIFA has been full of corruption, which is a shame.” “the whole thing was a complete hoax and it was a bad process to award the World Cup to Russia and Qatar,” he said. But England also took part in the bidding, so it goes back to our moral health of hosting the World Cup.
I remind people that when we last hosted the World Cup and won the championship, homosexuality was illegal in Britain. This must be a realistic test of our moral position and that of the rest of the world. ”
In the end, Morgan cleverly wound the topic back to Ronaldo.
“this is the most important thing I have ever been involved in.” ‘it ‘s not that Portugal’s number one is too unhappy about it,’he said of the interview.
I sent Cristiano a picture of William Wallace shouting ‘Freedom!’ in Brave Heart. GIF. ” He revealed, “Cristiano Ronaldo thinks this sentence perfectly sums up his feelings, and his answer is’as free as a bird’.”
On the Saudi rumors, Morgan said: “he believes that if he does well in this World Cup, he will get what he really wants, that is, he can stay in the Champions League team and continue his record and legacy.”
At this stage of his career, it’s not a matter of money. In the final analysis, it is a strong desire to play, break records and win trophies at the highest level of football. He has done this in more countries than any other player in history. ”
Of course, there is another description of Cristiano Ronaldo: he is a hopeless narcissist who even claimed that Bruno Fernandez (Bruno Fernandes) scored his goal against Uruguay, while Fernandez did not touch the ball at all. “Yes, he is conceited.” Morgan smiled and said, “but it’s hard for me to preach to people in this respect.”
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